About the University Bulletins

The Office of the University Registrar is responsible for compiling, producing, and maintaining the bulletin for each school at Duke University. The content for the bulletins is established by the schools in conjunction with the Duke University Bulletins Policy.

The information in this bulletin applies to the academic year 2023-2024 and is accurate and current, to the greatest extent possible, as of August 2023. All bulletins are published online and serve as static documents for historical records of the university. The university reserves the right to change programs of study, academic requirements, teaching staff, the calendar, and other matters described herein without prior notice, in accordance with established procedures.

Duke University Registrar: Frank Blalark, Assistant Vice Provost and University Registrar

Coordinating Editor: Maggie Douglas

Publications Coordinator: Patrina Hemingway

Bulletin Editors:

  • Divinity School: Deborah Hackney & Katherine Smith

  • Fuqua School of Business: B. Tate

  • The Graduate School: Matthew Jones & Helene McAdams

  • School of Law: Frances Curran

  • School of Medicine: Marcie Ellis

  • Nicholas School of the Environment: Cynthia Peters

  • School of Nursing: Debra Mattice

  • Pratt School of Engineering Professional Programs: Cherie Creten

  • Sanford School of Public Policy: Anita Lyon

  • Undergraduate Instruction: Heather Settle

Photograph Credits: Courtesy of Duke University (Chris Hildreth, Jared Lazarus, Nat LeDonne, Reagan Lunn, Megan Mendenhall, Megan Morr, Bill Snead, Les Todd) and School of Nursing.

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